Detmer Consulting, Inc.

Expert consulting for equipment rental and party rental companies

Helping rental businesses to grow and prosper!

Detmer Consulting can help your business get to the next level.

We specialize in...
  • On-location employee training seminars
  • On-site Employee Customer Service and Sales Training Seminars
  • Consulting for equipment rental and retail businesses
  • On-site business "physicals"
  • New rental business development
  • Rental inventory recommendations
  • Hands-on rental equipment training
  • Management Training conducted on-site
  • Training books
  • Customized employee newsletters
  • Selling Skills and Customer Service Audits and Training
  • Employee motivation and retention strategies

About Detmer Consulting

Detmer Consulting, Inc. was founded in 1988 by Dick Detmer and provides consulting services, training publications, and employee and management seminars to businesses and organizations. The company provides expert training, motivation and retention strategies, marketing recommendations, operation management, and other advice.  Major services include on-site training, consulting, the books "The Guide to Great Customer Service" and "A Practical Guide to Working in an Equipment Rental Business," customized employee newsletters, and chapter-by-chapter quiz booklets for the employee training books.

About Dick Detmer

Dick Detmer is an expert in the equipment rental industry, as well as authority in the area of customer service and selling techniques for rental and retail businesses.  His extensive knowledge and expert insight have helped thousands of employers and employees.  Dick presents over 50 seminars a year on numerous topics at both the employee and management levels. He was a full time college instructor, and received state-level Teacher of the Year honors as a tenured college instructor. Dick has also written monthly and bi-monthly columns for rental magazines for over 20 years, and is the author of a monthly employee newsletter devoted to the subject of customer service and selling excellence. As the president of Detmer Consulting, Inc., located in Geneseo, Illinois, Dick travels extensively assisting businesses to become more profitable.